Welcome to my Blog!

Hello Internet,

Welcome to my cute, little blog on the vastness of the Internet. This blog marks my journey back into the world of blogging, after a (not so) brief gap of 2 years so, I’m back again!

Now, without wasting anymore of your time, here’s what I’m going to do. I’ll write an article every week, on topics ranging from Technology, Science, Football, International Diplomacy Et Al. Basically, this blog is going to be filled with stuffs that I love the most in the entire Universe and along the way, I plan on improving my writing skills and become a better human being as a whole!

So, Thank you for your time and please Follow/Share/Subscribe to keep me going! That follow button is the fuel for my Dopamine hungry brain

Till next time,

Chow! :)


P.S: New Articles every saturday! :)



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