Damn my procrastination!

Let me start off this article by saying sorry! When I launched this blog a month ago, on that quite wintery day November last year, I promised to all of you AND MYSELF that I’ll be writing super awesome articles showcasing the best of my writing skills on the topics I love the most on this planet every saturday, and now, when I did a performance review, I was really disappointed. The articles I wrote were nowhere near my expected personal standard. Also, my mind’s been running dry of ideas, which just means one thing, I have to ramp up my reading. It’s been real long since I dived head first into a novel, or worse, It’s been really long since I peacefully held a copy of The Hindu or The Times of India and read it from end to end like I used to! I know I’ll have to change my trajectory. This procrastination bitch is really hard to deal with, it’s preemptive strikes takes out my confidence every time it strikes. It’s like you know you’re procrastinating, you know that you should be writing article, you should be revising your notes, you should finish that essay off but inspite of knowing that you “should” be doing all these things, you still don’t do them! While procrastinating, I don’t achieve the critical level of confidence required to break from this menace. Will power works sometimes and sometimes it just doesn’t. I’ve read tons of great articles on the Internet on beating procrastination, like these:

But, yeah, like all chronic procrastinators, I just feel good while going through the article, but as soon as it ends, I’m back to my old ways! But, Though the tunnel might be dark, I could always see the light at the end of it and the light is getting brighter every day. I’m slowly working my way to beat this bitch! I’m making progress, I’m not as bad of a procrastinator I was a few months back, light is getting brighter! So yeah, I wrote this article for two reasons, One, to break the dry spell of articles on this blog and secondly, just to pour my heart out! Thank you for reading, And yeah, Sheky will soon comeback with a bang! :)



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