Finally, WhatsApp can now be accessed from a desktop!

Hola people, for are those WhatsApp addicts out there, here’s some good news, WhatsApp conversations can now be accessed from the comfort of your desktop browser, without having to reach for your phone every time you receive a new message. However, do note that this is only available for Android, BB and Windows

This is a big relief for serial texters like me, you don’t have to now move your neck around everytime you get a new ping on WhatsApp.

WhatsApp team made this announcement in their blog yesterday, while I was busy dreaming in my sleep. There were certainly some rumours circulating in the leak community about this feature, but, WhatsApp cleared all those with this blog post.

Okay now, let’s get to the point, no more rambles.

To access the web interface, you have to first update your WhatsApp to the latest version, that in Android being 2.11.498.

After that, you’ll have to hit up on your desktop browser (WhatApp prefers Chrome, dunno why! :p), you’ll see a QR code on the left side of the screen, something like this:

WhatsApp web Interface_Chrome
WhatsApp web Interface!

Then, you have to launch WhatsApp on your phone and in the context/drop down menu, you’ll have to choose the option WhatsApp web (common sense :p). It’ll launch the QR code scanner, scan the code on the desktop and voila, all your WhatsApp conversations are now on the web, something like this:

WhatsApp Web Conversations
WhatsApp Web Conversations (Source: Techcrunch)

Celebrate this feature with a beer, Cheers! :p



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