Don’t underestimate the power of Google!

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Google ?, Web Search, GMail, YouTube, right ?

But, Google is more than what meets the eye. Google has enough power and influence to manipulate election results. Many people get influenced by a person’s popularity on the web, so, a potential candidate can lose out on votes if the Google’s PageRank algorithm pushes his name down the results list. Google can predict the outbreak of an impending flu, by analyzing the search trends, researches were able to point out the fact that as the number of people searching for terms like, “cold”,”cough”,”fever” increased, there was actual increase in the number of patients affected by flu in that particular region, on the ground.

One can actually build a whole psychological profile of a person by analyzing his search terms and trends. People usually search about whatever’s on their minds, so, organization like the NSA employ massive clusters of servers to analyze gazillions of search terms across the web and they try to look for keywords to zero in on individuals who may turn out to be potential bad guys. Our online habits tell a lot about who we are, what we think and do. Even after you leave Google, cookies still track your browsing habits and report it back to their parent servers which then serve targeted ads based on your interest, thereby keeping Google afloat.

Manipulation and Keyword analysis form just a small part of Google’s capabilities. They are far more capable than merely judging your mindset. They not only have the power to know who you are, but, they also pack enough punch to know who your family members are (courtesy: Google+), where you work, what your interests are, where have you been until today (courtesy: Google Location History), where you currently are and where your next vacation might be!

If bad guys somehow get into Google’s infrastructure using a backdoor or through some other means, then they can selectively handpick individuals as their targets. They’ll have every information they’ll ever need to commit the crime: The name, age, location, SSN, credit card number, etc of the victim(s)!

Sounds scary right ? Yes, Google is insanely powerful. Sergey Brin and Larry Page have enough resources at their disposal to change how the whole goddamn world (At least those who are on the Internet) thinks and believes in!

Give it a thought!

-Quick post ( Quick Post is a way using which I dump whatever’s on my mind onto this blog, without worrying about grammar and formatting. )

PS: Will be edited soon!



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