Excited! Apple watch is just a month away

Hello Internet, As you already might be knowing, Apple is set to release it’s brand new piece of art, the Apple Watch on the 24th of April, 2015! The reason it’s historic is because, it’s from none other than Apple. I know, I know, there have been many wearable devices launched prior to Apple’s new Watch, such as Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony’s Smart watch et al, but well, when Apple launches something, it’s bound to make people turn their heads and look up in awe! Apple did the same thing way back in 2007, by launching the iPhone! Didn’t touchscreen devices exist before that ?, they sure did, but Apple was the one to popularize it. The way Steve Jobs unveiled the new iPhone, that presentation. Apple knows how to market stuffs, their attention to detail and perfection is a force to reckon with. Now, Coming back to watch, this will be the first ever “wearable” device from Apple. The Apple watch is said to be the most precise wristwatch ever created, with time precision of up to 50 milliseconds! It’s said to have over a thousand customizable watch interfaces to match with your every mood and location! And, it’s said to have Heart rate sensor, accelerometer, barometer and gyroscope to precisely determine what exactly you’re doing right at that moment, apart from being immensely useful to track your health and fitness! So, yeah, this is gonna be historic. I bet Apple Watch’s launch will set off a another wave of smart watch revolution. We’ll have to wait and watch!



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