What makes DOTA 2 so addicting!

Hello Internet,

You sure must have heard of DOTA 2, the insanely popular massive multi player online role playing game.

I started playing the game after one my friends told me about it, a month back.

For the first few game, I was like “meh!” but then as soon as I gained some experience, things became really interesting, though I sucked real hard at it in the beginning, often dying to creeps.

But then, after I started playing it more regularly, I was taken aback by the beauty and entropy of the game. You have so damn many heroes, about 125 of them with completely different abilities and capabilities and then you had these items, so many of the items that you can purchase for some amount of gold once you start farming (DOTA term for gaining gold by last hitting enemy creeps and heroes). The beauty of the game lies in the fact no two games can ever come remotely close to each other. There are so many parameters, so many possibilities, so many permutations and combinations, all this makes a game insanely unpredictable and mysterious.

You have heroes of all sorts. Carries are heroes who are relatively weak during the beginning of the game but they gain traction during the mid game and go all out near the end of the game. Support heroes are those whose role is to provide support in lane pushing and they are primarily used to back the team carries up. Heroes can also be classified on the basis of whether they’re Melee (Close ranged) or Ranged.

And, finally the biggest thing about this game is that it’s a multiplayer game and team support is critical. You can’t go solo in this game. Team’s chance of winning depends on the role of every player and on how well they perform their role and yeah, if you make mistakes and especially when you feed (Dying to an enemy hero often), then your team mates (depending on how mannered they are) might either teach you, report you or curse you so bad that you’ll be forced to leave the game and again, it depends on the type of team mates you get. And you can always create a lobby and play with your friends.

So, if you’re new to RPG and planning to check out DOTA 2, I highly recommend that you do so. You surely will suck at it, really badly, but if a guy like me can overcome the beginning hiccups (I used to suck pretty bad and still do a bit), then I’m hell sure anyone can.

There a quite a bunch of Good Websites out their with a good amount of advice about DOTA 2, especially for beginners, be sure to check them out!

Check out these heroes if you’re not sure where to begin: Sniper, Lion, Drow Ranger, Windranger

Most importantly, Have fun!



3 thoughts on “What makes DOTA 2 so addicting!

  1. Out of curiosity, have you tried playing League of Legends? I’d be extremely surprised if you hadn’t even heard of the game, but in case you haven’t, let’s just say that LoL is Dota’s biggest competitor right now.

    Apart from that, got any protips for beginners trying to get into the Dota scene?

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    1. Hello bigbeno37,

      Thanks for writing in, comments like that of your’s keeps me going.

      Coming back to your comment, No, I haven’t tried playing LoL as of yet. I’ll surely check it out, since you mentioned that it’s Dota’s biggest competitor! :)

      About protips, well, I’ll write a seperate article soon on this very blog as soon as I gain more expertise and actually start winning more matches.

      I’d highly recommend you check out these articles:

      For Zero level: https://purgegamers.true.io/g/dota-2-guide/

      Build guides for different heroes: http://www.dotafire.com/dota-2/guides

      YouTube has tons of amazing vids from zero level to the ultra pros, be sure to check them out.

      Once again thanks for your comment and standby for my article and share this if you liked! :)



    2. If you want to get into the DotA scene, one of the best things you could do is watch professional matches which are streamed live and can be accessed from the game client itself, or websites such as Twitch (which I’m sure you must have heard about).

      You’ll need at least a basic understanding of each hero and what they can do to be even an average player, and that takes time, so I’d recommend:
      1. Devoting some time to it.
      2. Not giving up at any stage.

      The thing about DotA 2 is that it has a massive learning curve, and there are a plethora of heroes and items to choose from. It will take you hundreds of hours, but it’s going to be fun after the first 5.

      If you’re familiar with League, DotA 2 is very similar (since LoL is based off the WC3 DotA mod). There are a few nuances you’ll need to be aware about, but any previous MOBA experience makes the learning process much easier.

      Also, balance is a critical part of this game and Icefrog ensures that it stays balanced and no single hero or item gets overpowered and hence abused.

      You should try following the DotA 2 community on Reddit.

      If you have played DotA 2 before, then check out the new patch. :D

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