I wish I could become a child, all over again!

I’ve been thinking of writing an article on this topic for sometime now.

This is not a realistic post. This is just to put my feelings into words!

This is something that’s coming straight from the inner me, from my heart. I’m 18 now and looking back into my childhood, I realize how innocent/gullible/carefree I was.

You know, when I was young, I always had this thing for growing up (I’m sure most of you had this too!). I always wanted to grow up as quickly as possible. I always wanted to get all the stuffs that adults had/owned, always wanted to talk about those topics that adults used to talk!

But now, I’m 18 and in about four months, I’ll turn 19. I’m an adult now, age wise at least! I’ve voted in the assembly election, own a driving license, but, I just don’t feel like an adult yet, or should I say, I just don’t want to feel like an adult yet. There’s a difference between maturity and adulthood, that’s very important to understand, I’m quite mature but don’t want to feel like an adult yet!

I now wish, wish bad to turn into a child once again, NOT to undo my past mistakes/regrets, since I believe they’re damn valuable lessons, but I just want to experience the childhood once again, when you didn’t care about anything at all, when you didn’t fake anything at all, when you didn’t do stuffs for others to see/ to impress others. When you just were, YOU!

How wrong I was! I thought adulthood was the best phase of life, the best phase ever. Sure, it does have it’s own benefits (If you know what I’m trying to say ;) ), but I failed to get the mind boggling complications of adult life and being an adult. The more you grow up, the more you uncover the complications of life. Agreed, problems are to life as shell to the coconut water, you get to  enjoy once you crack the problem, until another one comes in your way. But, this is just my fantasy, a wish, of going back into my past, so that I realize it’s beauty and truly appreciate the beauty of childhood!

And only now, the tunes of “Give me some sunshine” a song from 3 Idiots truly ring the chord deep down. The line, “Give me another chance, I wanna to grow up once again!” best describes my feelings!

I know it’s impossible now, unless someone invents a goddamn time machine (And I get access to it) or if Doraemon pops out of my drawer, whose chances of happening are, you know, slimmer than the width of Higgs Boson!

That’s it for now!

Chow :D

– Quickpost!


2 thoughts on “I wish I could become a child, all over again!

  1. The wonder of childhood innocence, something that those who have it, don’t understand, and those who don’t, want it back.

    I like the post. It’s beautifully written and I like your included quotes inside. I guess this is something we can all relate to, even if we don’t admit it.

    What are some of your most precious childhood memories Abhishek?

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    1. Many, there are many precious childhood memories of mine, Ben.

      Such as, coming back from elementary school, throwing my backpack off of my shoulder and watching a 2 hour long marathon of Tom and Jerry, Pokemon and lots of other TV shows.

      Playing the Police vs Thief game (Not a video game!), running around with my childhood buddies in the park, when you just didn’t care about anything at all and just lived in the present moment!

      I miss all that.

      With regards to the quotes, yes, some of them are mine, especially the coconut one :)

      I’m sure you would have liked my reference to Higgs Boson, being a Physicist! :)


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