The Vacation reboot!

Okay, enough with 9/11 crap.

That was pre vacation Abhishek.

So, I’m finally back to my home in Delhi and to my most favorite place in the entire Universe, the desktop! :p

This vacation, ah, it’s been like a lane changing experience for me. I was out of home for about a month and I got to experience things outside of my comfort zone, see things differently. Plus, I experienced a hell lot of challenges all of which battle hardened me and my head.

Apart from spending time with my friends, family and my pretty girlfriend, I’ve been reading a lot of stuff, cool, incredibly cool stuff.

For one, this article – The AI Revolution

The guy who wrote it, Tim Urban, is a brilliant fuck! He puts hell lot of time and research into his articles and actually puts his every drop of blood and sweat into his writing. Also, the topics he writes about, they’re awesome, ranging from AI to Elon Musk to Procrastination to ISIS.

While reading the article, I actually realized how lucky we all are to be in such a era of insanely rapid technological progress. I mean, if whatever the article says is true, or should I say “whatever Ray Kurzweil says is true “, then we’ll be living in an incredibly different world in a couple of decades. Damn, that’s well within my lifetime (Assuming I don’t fucking die prematurely :p).

So, Tim’s blog kept me occupied during the vacation, along with that, some random YouTube videos and reddit.

So yeah, my college is about to start up again and it’s gonna be my sophomore year. I can’t believe I finished off the first year of my college, it just doesn’t sink in.

Also, I’ve decided to restart all my old damn activities and interests, okay some of it, in order to effectively fight this OCD bitch. It’s a long battle, but surely I’m gonna win.

Most importantly, this vacation made me realize the importance of having the RIGHT people beside you. People/Person who get/gets you can go a long way in turning your life around for the better.

So yeah, apart from this, um, I’m planning to go full scale back to Quora, this time with a far more refined feed. I mean, there’s been an influx of a large number of trolling assholes recently on the site, so that has brought the site quality down by a couple of orders of magnitude. Refining the feed to focus more on stuff that I care about, not just some random shit on which I’ll procrastinate hours down the end.

That’s it for now, folks!





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