The future of your employment is under threat!

I’m an engineering student. I’m from India. Most people in India (Some do study for the pure love of the subject, just some) study engineering to make sure they get into the “safe” zone, i.e Guaranteed jobs after graduation. So, basically, Engineering = Safe Jobs = Financial security guaranteed (If not permanently, till one gets married) = Finally “settled” in the eyes of their parents’/ neighbours and family.

Okay, so basically, the above model of India can be found in many different households across the face of the planet. In short, people want employment. People want financial security. That’s what drives them to do things they would not otherwise do, think thrice before taking risks they would otherwise take without hesitating and basically sacrifice a lot of things for the sake of employment.

So, in short, employment is a fucking BIG DEAL.

But, you know what the biggest threat to Human employment is? Do you have any idea?

Is it an impending stock market crisis? Great depression like catastrophe?

NOPE. It’s all in AI baby.

  • AI is the biggest threat to the human employment since motors cars were to cart pulling horses.

First off, fasten up and watch this (scary as shit) video:

If that isn’t scary, then you’re hell no human.

Many people have predicted that the invention of AI will be the last invention humans will ever invent. I mean, after watching the above video, a shiver went down my spine. It’s hard to believe, but, THE ENTIRE GLOBAL ECONOMY DEPENDS ON A BUNCH OF TINY AI BOTS MAKING TRILLIONS OF CALCULATIONS PER SECOND AND ALIGNING WITH THE GLOBAL STOCK MARKET. Dude, AI bots drive our economy.

Just like how the horse population declined after the invention of the motor car, the radical spread of AI robots can knock humans out of the employment competition (That won’t solve the population problem though. Sad.).

Also, one more thing which the video made it clear to me was the fact that before watching this video, I believed the radical spread of AI bots/robots would work this way:

Physical < Mental < Creative

I kinda disagree. Here’s what I think it should be like.

Physical: Mechanical power put the muscle power out of business since over 100 years ago. And, since then, higher education became the baseline for good employment. So, more people started going to colleges and started getting degrees and they became the primary powerhouse of Mental work, a grand shift from the Physical work the Modern Homosapiens were used to for over 100,000 years. Scientists, Mathematicians, Engineers, Doctors were in high demand since the dawn of the 20th century. Post war Space race and military build up pumped billions of $ into R&D, which directly meant more supply of Grey cell power to the world. (Brain Drain: To which the IITs were huge contributors, more on that later :P).  

Mental: As mentioned above, ever since mechanical muscles took over the most terrifying, boring and repetitive mechanical tasks from human beings, there was a large migration from blue collar to white collar profession. But now, ever since the dawn of artificial intelligence, programmers are writing programs that teach themselves how to program themselves. Kinda hard to believe, right? This is where the threat lies, to the human employment figures, that is. Machine learning can be extended over to many number of fields, as mentioned in the video. Soon, we’ll have our doctors right in our smartphones, as will our lawyers who’ll be replaced by judicial bots and you’ll have cars that’ll drive themselves to the destination and self guided airplanes. If you’re thinking I’m blabbering, I’m not. Welcome to the 21st century bruh. But, one thing which I always believed was, human creativity is almost never replicable in an AI bot. And, this is the part I disagree with the video.

Creative:  Humans are creative creatures. Very very imaginative and creative. We can imagine up the whole universe in our comparably tiny heads. We can creatively imagine and write stories out of thin air and we can do things which even the most advanced AI bots can even comprehend. Creativity, I believe, will always be part of the human legacy. No bot can ever touch that zone, leave alone take over. And, about the Emily Howell bot that CGP Grey described, it’s like when you give a bunch of precomposed random beats of music to an AI bot, it can then play around with it by using various algorithms all of which DOES NOT MEAN CREATIVITY. IT’S JUST WORKING WITH THE ALREADY PRESENT RESOURCES,  JUST TWISTING IT INTO NEWER FORMS!

So, conclusion:

Physical < Mental !< Creative

So, yes, this was a mini post to break the impasse!

Hope you enjoyed! :)

P.S: The Israel article is still in the works. Stay Tuned!

  • References:
    • – Humans Need Not Apply – CGP Grey, 2014



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