The renaissance of my fascination with Space and it’s exploration!

Hello there. Finally, another post here.

Okay, so, I’ve always been a huge admirer of Space Exploration and a long time fan of NASA, for as long as I can remember, NOT. Well, it started in my 5th grade, when Sunita Williams blasted off of Space Shuttle Discovery to the ISS on 11th December, 2006 (yeah, I have a pretty good memory :D). It created a huge buzz here in India and media went crazy and started covering the event and telecast it all day. All of this just pulled me into it. The Space. Wow. It’s Space. It was super exciting for the 10 yr old me. Then, I started reading whatever I could get my hands on about Space Shuttle program and Space exploration in general!

Then, a month later, my cousin Bharat (who was an engineering student back then) visited me and this is when my curiosity quadrupled. He was a pretty cool dude and was an avid reader. So, I pounded him with questions (like I always do) and we used to talk every night till 4 A.M. or so about topics ranging from blackholes to ISS to Saturn’s rings to Andromeda galaxy to Apollo Missions to the moon. During the time I spent talking to him, I was supercharged with curiosity for Space.

After he went back, it was just me and my limited access to space related information. I scoured newspapers for any space related article, no matter what it was about, I used to cut it up and store it. I used to visit my then school’s library for book about space. NASA was my dream organization back then and my definitive career was becoming an astronaut, you know, just like nearly every other child of my age back then.

Then, about six months later, my curiosity was was even raised further up by my NRI uncle who’s a software developer. He’s a physics major and for that one whole week, I bombarded him with questions about pretty much everything. Even asking pretty basic questions like why doesn’t earth smash into the sun et al. He explained it all to me surreally and my fascination was growing exponentially.

As all this was happening, the 10 yr old me was almost certain that a career in Space industry was it.

But, as nothing is straight line in life, this fascination of mine with space too lost the race to various other *teenage distractions* (and various other issues) and took a dive head first, to go down the gutter. And by then, my life’s ambitions, goals and shit changed by a huge magnitude and I thought the fascination was over.

Then. 8 years later, about a couple of months back, I came across this article:

Elon Musk. I knew him from before. I thought he was just one of those super genius billionaires. But, that article opened me up.

A guy comes in from South Africa. Starts a couple of tech startups and sells ’em and makes about 300 million $ and puts all of his money into starting this space startup whose ultimate goal is to revolutionize the cost of space travel and ultimately enabling a self sustaining civilization on motherfuckin’ MARS. Yeah, he wants to get to Mars. I was like,” Whoa Dude, this guy”.

Then, suddenly, the inner fascination in me was up and running again., and became one of the most visited sites on my Chrome. Then, I got my hands on Elon Musk, by Ashlee Vance, Elon’s biography, well presented by the writer. Reading that was an absolute delight, gave a glimpse into why Elon Musk is doing whatever he’s doing and the real mission of SpaceX. Then, a week later, this article came out:

That was it. FIRE STARTED RAGING IN ME AGAIN. Space bitch, Space.

SpaceX might just be the next big thing in Space exploration (SpaceX actually stands for Space Exploration Corp.). 

Also, thinking from a first principle point of view, SPACE SHOULD BE THE THING WE SHOULD BE MOST CONCERNED ABOUT. Think about it. Beyond all these fuckin’ wars, hatred, religious separation, WE’RE ONE SPECIES. AND WE’RE THE ONLY SPACE FARING SPECIES ON THIS PLANET. (Elephants can’t launch themselves into space, you dummy)

I bet, nothing turns anyone on as much as a billion star filled night sky (as in, your curiosity :p). It just wakes that inner curious child in you. Space is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT THING FOR OUR SPECIES IN THE LONG RUN. Our survival is entirely is at stake and becoming a multi planetary species is the only way out. And, that’s exactly what Musk is trying to do.

Anyway, the point of this post was just to let my feelings out on this topic of my love. I’ve met only a few handful of people who seem very curious about space. I know that there are many other awesome topics out there like Celebrity gossip, Wardrobe malfunctions and shit, but a 1000 years from now, only space will get humanity forward. That’s critical to realize.

Anyway, thank you for reading.

And, I’m super happy to tell you that I’ve signed up for Medium and will start publishing soon. Will write a mini post about my Medium account and stuff.

I highly recommend you watch these videos below. It’s about the issue of lack of progress in the Space industry since 1972, and it’s by…wait for it…Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Also check out this INSANELY LONG 50,000 WORD ARTICLE by Tim Urban from Wait But Why:

keep lookin’ up :D


One thought on “The renaissance of my fascination with Space and it’s exploration!

  1. Nice article bro.. And thanks for the mention – always game for interesting conversations with you.. And I really appreciate your quest for knowledge… Infact I should take some time off to get to know the latest news related to space stuff etc from you since you have really manged to create a spectacular database of cool information in that intelligent brain of yours..

    Way to go bro and wish you the very best in life.. Cheers :)

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