Mini Update, 2015: A Year in review up next!

Hello Internet,

It’s been long eh?.

Finally got time and opportunity to write this post. This is just a short update, a lot of things have transformed in my life over the course of the past couple of months.

Biggest being of course, I’m now single after over 2 years now and I believe it’s a good thing, so that’s a massive change in itself.

Also, my perspective on things have changed. I now see my PC as just another machine rather than a buddy to hang out with. My PC is no longer my default place to hang around when I’m bored. I’ve taken up some new hobbies like running and working out. My sleep has improved because of the implementations of one of the previous posts here and so has my eating habits.

Also, I’ve turned into an avid fan of DotA 2 ever since I started playing it from March this year. Though I kinda quit in the middle, it was too hard for me to resist the pull and I gave into it. It’s a fascinating world and things have got a lot better (and worse for those poor nerfed heroes) ever since patch 6.86 got released. Nice christmas present from Lord Gaben’s Volvo there :D. I plan to publish some hero guides as well, I’ve become pretty good with some characters and shifted my matchmaking home from Pinoy dense SEA to much better Euro servers (not to come off as racist, Euro servers are better in several respects compared to SEA).

And, I discovered a couple of new amazing YouTube channels as well, one being “OwnagePranks“. It’s freaking hilarious. It’s a channel completely composed of prank calls. Check it out right away, you’ll laugh till you pass out. Another one being “In a Nutshell“. Pretty self explanatory, they explain complex things and phenomenon using sleek animation and beautiful narration. Check it out.

Also, my interest in Quora has gone down the dumps because it has literally turned into a IIT circlejerk and a place for asking the stupidest questions. It’s no longer the “best source for knowledge” IMO.

Anyway, this is a Mini post and I don’t want this to get any longer. I’ll be drafting my year in review post shortly after this.

Thank you all once again and hope you have a happy and fun 2016.

Abhishek. :)

P.S: The feature image is of the Kappa meme, thereby continuing the legacy of using pointless and off topic feature image in my posts! :p




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