Finally, my Medium is up!

Hello Internet,

Finally, after many months of incessant procrastination, I finally set up my Medium blog. The thing with my Medium blog would be that, I’ll only be writing about Gaming, specifically┬áDotA 2 (guides, tips and random ranting) and this blog would be the primary point of contact with the readers, if that makes any sense.

Either Way, I’m pretty excited to get started with Medium. The content on Medium is on average of much better quality (again generalizing here) and you’ve got some pretty good bunch of writers over there.

The reason I chose Medium for writing my DotA 2 guides is because I find it easier to rapidly dispatch/queue articles for publishing. Maybe it’s just me or maybe Medium’s publishing speed is ACTUALLY faster, but yes, that’s the point. Medium for DotA 2 and for everything else, Sheky Rambles!

Oh BTW, I got an email from one of the reader saying the post dates are pretty unpredictable. It was actually weird, getting an email about my posting punctuality for the first time, but yes, you might want to click on that follow button so that you’ll get an email right in your inbox whenever I pushout an article from in here. And plus, I’m working on my punctuality issues anyway, so yeah.


Here’s the link: Abhishek Balaji on Medium, handle being the same as that of Twitter, @abhiminator.

Oh, and I’m also partly active on Quora again (I refined my feed, no longer an IIT Circlejerk! xD).



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