Why Fitness Apps are AWESOME! (Google Fit Edition)

I recently installed Google Fit (yesterday, actually) on my Android device. I’ve been jogging consistently for a week now and I thought it would be a great idea to install a fitness app and see for myself the usefulness of the data.

I’ve always been skeptical of using fitness apps. To be honest, I don’t know why, but, I’ve always thought of them as inaccurate and just another health tech mumbo jumbo. But nevertheless, I thought I’d give it a try.

I first started by Googling some of the best fitness apps for Android, and landed on a few articles. I chose Google Fit firstly because I know I can trust Google and secondly because many people lauded its synchronization capability. Sync and continuity for me are super vital, so I chose Fit.

After installing, it first asks for you personal data like Age, Height and Gender (optional :p). After that, it takes you to it’s default homescreen that shows up your health data right away.

Anyway, after setting all that up, I put on my sneakers and hit up the track called Jahanpanah City Forest at around 8:30 AM. It’s a pretty massive “forest” right in the middle of Delhi, the city in which I live currently.

So, with the phone armed with Google Fit, and me armed with my sneakers, I started out on the long stretch of wilderness.


This screenshot was taken when I was just starting my run.

The best part about Fit is that it sits on top your lock screen, so it was easy for me to quickly glance at the current data while on the run.

On top of the interface is the map and below the map, you got up time (active time), Estimated distance (with the accuracy of up to 1 meter), Average Pace of running, number of footsteps and finally, calories burned.

The calorie part was the thing I was most skeptical about. I was pretty certain that it was not accurate. nevertheless, I jogged on.

This was snapped as I was nearing the end of my run. Sheky Rambles!

This was snapped as I was nearing the end of my run.

Thing to note here is that you have to keep your Mobile Data and Location (GPS/GLONASS) on for most of the features to work as Track Map, Pace and Distance depends on GPS or GLONASS (if you’re Russian). It does consume battery but that’s a trade off you’re more than willing to do for your health.

Anyway, after running for about 20 minutes, I finally reached home (I still kept the app on and it was tracking me all the way to my home.).

And…I hit stop.

Sheky_rambles_This was taken as I was about to start writing this draft. The data is presented beautifully and aesthetically and is pleasing to the eyes.

This was taken as I was about to start writing this draft. The data is presented beautifully and aesthetically and is pleasing to the eyes.


My first run with Fit was quite impressive. I was more impressed by the data it presented.

  • ~170 Calories burned
  • 23 Minutes up time
  • 2.3 Kilometers covered
  • 2245 Steps taken

All of the above data was neatly compressed into this graph:

Data was converted into a visually appealing graph. Pretty neat

Data was converted into a visually appealing graph. Pretty neat.

And, to top it off, it showed the relative elevation of my jogging track, along with the map.

So, the verdict. I frickin’ LOVE IT. Fitness Apps are AWESOME.

And, I was even more impressed by it’s web version. Sync is rapid, almost immediate and the data is available regardless of the device. Cloud Computing FTW!


Google Fit’s web interface is as good as the mobile one. The data flows smoothly.

Though this was my first day with the app, I’m more than impressed with this. I plan to use this everyday and everytime I go running from now on.

Thank you, the overlords at Google. Fit is awesome! <3

The data was so aesthetic that I thought of posting it to /r/DataIsBeautiful, but, I’ll give it a shot next time! xD

Also, Fit is not the only app for fitness. There are also many others. Now that I’m no longer skeptical about the Fitness app thing, expect more reviews of Fitness apps.

My next post will be about…uh…you’ll find out anyway. Expect that soon.




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