The Art of Reinstalling!


So, I was considering reinstalling Windows 10 for a while. It’s been a while since I upgraded from Windows 8.1 to 10 (last July) and, the Windows 8.1 was even older, dating back to May 2014. Also, my PC had slowed down a lot and my entire C:\ drive’s file system was ridden with leftover from previous program installations and other crap, including a ton of DotA 2 screenshots and Steam’s leftovers.

So, it was only logical that I reinstalled the entire OS. From scratch.

As I was considering my options, I thought of giving Windows 10’s reset feature a try. Though this feature has been available since Windows 8 days, it got a truck load of improvements for it’s Windows 10 implementation. But, vetoed against it in the end, because I wanted a completely *fresh* install.

The Download & Burning.

The most important thing that you ever need for an OS installation is…The Setup!

Since, I didn’t ‘purchase’ my copy of Windows 10 (I upgraded directly from Windows 8.1 through Microsoft’s upgrade program, remember?), I had to first download the source ISO and burn it to a flash drive (no one uses DVDs anymore, geezus).

During The Windows XP/7 days, bit torrent networks were any OS downloader’s best friend. There were quite a bunch of TRUSTED releasers of Windows ISO. I take this oppotunity to thank Murphy78 and Maher for their time and commitment to make the earlier Windows ISO installations a bit less of a pain in the back.

With that said, Microsoft woke up from it’s deep slumber and realized that it needed to make reinstalling a fresh copy of Windows a little less painful. Thus was born, Windows Media Creation Tool.

People no longer had to go through torrents’ deceptive links to play the ‘find the real link‘ game. They could simply go to Microsoft’s website and download this nimble little tool which downloads an entirely fresh copy of the OS with the latest updates.

So, I did that. The setup was about 3+ gigs, so took about an hour. After that, I used the Rufus USB tool to burn the ISO image onto my 8 gig flash drive. Easy Peezy.

The Install.

Since I upgraded from Windows 8.1 last time, this was the first ever time that I was actually *installing* Windows 10 on my beloved PC. So, analyzing the install performance was essential. So, armed with my phone’s stopwatch, I started the installation by directly selecting the flash drive from the boot menu (F10 for those who don’t know).

The install procedure was *exactly* the same like that of previous versions of Windows. Microsoft has neither updated the install procedure nor given the GUI a face-lift. Not complaining tho, just saying.

After a couple of screens, including the all important ‘install location screen’ (I once has a disastrous install when I ripped up the wrong drive. Turns out, that was my backup drive. Never again.), Windows installer began it’s job.

Copying Windows files…done.

Expanding Windows files…done.

Installing features…done.

Installing updates…done.

Completing the installation (Dopamine gushes down my synapses)…done.

Boom, and then a reboot later…

Reboot later…

As my PC restarted, I went into the kitchen to refill my coffee cup. Windows has already finished downloading the ‘critical’ updates by the time I came back. Some screen flickering and a couple a’ reboots later, it presented me the Login screen. And looked fresh as <explicit block>. It took 17m 33s. Goddamn quick, for a clean install.

After logging in, Mr. OneDrive Cloud automatically restored all of my files and settings, right down to the current theme I was using before the reinstall.

I wish Mr. Cloud restored my programs too. I has to do that by myself. Chrome…Firefox…AV…VirtualBox…VLC…and so on.

So, what’s the big deal?

Well, nothing.

I felt like describing my experience of installing the OS I very much love on my blog. I wish I could post screenshots, too bad you can’t take screenshots during the install (on a REAL machine.). Didn’t want shoddy external images either. Makes one look like a tech noob!

One thing worth to note here is that Microsoft has made some solid refinements and improvements to it’s installer. It’s leaner, faster and more importantly, asks less questions. Now that’s important.

You will post here again after a month, right?

Eh. Nope.

Now that I’ve finally taken on the procrastination monster and close to defeating it in it’s dungeon, expect more articles soon.

Also, I have been doing a lot of reading these days. The most recent book I read was Nicholas Carr‘s highly acclaimed, “The Shallows“. A very good read. Quite essential for today’s world, if you ask me. It’s about the neurological impact of us sticking our eyes to the screen all the time. This book’s review it going to be the subject of my next article.

Before checking out the book though, I recommend reading this article that was the primer for the *actual* book: Is Google Making Us Stupid?








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