March Update!

As I promised in my last post, I will be writing about the book I recently read, called The Shallows – by Nicholas Carr. I’ve already prepared the draft and it needs just a bit more polishing and some back linking, but, I’ll do it this Saturday.

Meanwhile, I’m almost about to finish another book, called Deep Work by the productivity writer Cal Newport. I’m almost done with the book and it’s a very fascinating read. It’s not a coincidence that I’m reading a lot of Books on Neuroscience these days. That field just fascinates me.

I’ve also cut down my gaming time by over 100%, yes, I’m not playing DotA 2 anymore and I’m currently on a 90 day no gaming detox. Shout out to /r/StopGaming for their continuing support and motivation. Lots of things went behind me taking the decision of quitting DotA 2. More on that in a separate post later.

And, I need to take control of my ‘Grades’ ship. It’s veered off course by a significant amount and need to bring it back on course, so, I’ll be spending less time around my beloved PC/Internet. xD.

That’s about it, folks!

Adios, until next time.



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