Producers v/s Consumers of Content.

When you think of the Internet, what do you think of? Facebook  Content, right? And, when you think of Content, what do you think of? People posting dank memes Creators, right?

So, creators create content that they post on the Internet which gets consumed ultimately by people like you reading this right now, you lazy dork. So, what do you think is the ratio between creators and consumers of content on the internet? 50:50? 30:70? 10:90? Nope.

It’s 1:99. Yes, that’s right. 99% of the people consume content created only by 1% of the people on the internet. These 99% of the people (to which you and me contribute a huge part) are termed as lurkers, which would be familiar if you’ve ever binged on reddit. You know people who just browse page after page without ever contributing a single little line, or worse, without even upvoting.

So, reading about this anomaly got me thinking. So basically, nearly most of us, 99% to be precise are nothing but consumers of content produced by creative people who make up that 1%. Also me, with this cute little blog do my bit to contribute to the Internet as much as possible, but that’s a supermassive ratio difference. Which means nearly all of us just use the Internet as a procrastination tool.

This ratio anomaly is called the 1% rule.

I mean, the days of Television dominance are long when if one had to express themselves they either had to own a huge TV studio with elaborate setup and broadcasting ability or they had to get hold of an interviewer to do it for them. It’s easy these days, just grab camera, record your dankiness and post it to YouTube, Vimeo or whatever your favorite video site is. If it interests enough people, then congratulations, you just went Viral.

Here’s a pie chart showing the ration I just mentioned.

Pie chart showing the proportion of lurkers, contributors and creators under the 90–9–1 principle.  Sheky Rambles
Pie chart showing the proportion of lurkers, contributors and creators under the 90–9–1 principle. Sheky Rambles.

So, what’s the point?

My advice is, just start somewhere. Create a blog, make a YouTube Channel, contribute more to reddit (albeit Anonymously) and try to contribute as much as you can to break the ratio anomaly.


Even I’m trying to improve the ration myself, at least now that I’m posting an article a month. ;)

Plus, I’m now learning Ps and Ai on the sidelines for improving my illustrating capacity. So expect more cool illustrations soon.

That’s about it for now.

Until then, go start a blog! :D



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