These Quotes keep me going…

Like every other person on this beautiful Blue Planet called Earth, I’ve had (and still have) my fair share of troubles and problems. And, Whenever I feel down, like really down, whenever I hit the rock bottom, I launch Google Chrome and search for Motivational quotes!

Accepted, they will not solve my problems, neither will they make things outside of my control better, but they certainly make me feel better from the inside. They instill a fresh burst of confidence and inner strength in me. These quotes have kept me going in the most difficult and crippling phases of my life.

I thought it’d be great to share these quotes with awesome people on the Internet, so, here it goes:

  • The 1% theory of self development:

1% Theory of self improvement
This sums it up the theory of Self Improvement, the Mathematical way!

You got that ?, In case you didn’t, what this neat little “Quote” essentially says is that (Mathematically, of course) when you start improving everyday, even by 1% each day, by the end of the year, you’ll be much better off than you started with, to be precise, 37.8 times better off than you started with. That’s Astonishing, it shows how little things can add up to make great things possible!

  • How People overestimate and underestimate their capabilities:

This is true for most of us!

This Quote clearly highlights our faulty Judgement of our capabilities. As a continuation to the first quote, If you consistently work everyday to get better, you’ll become unimaginably successful and happy. Consistency is the name of the game!

  • Die with Memories, Not Dreams:

This Quote strikes deep!
Die with memories, Not dreams

This quote again highlights the fact that unless you work your ass off to become successful, your dreams will remain just Dreams and one fine day, when you finally die, you’ll die with just dreams, not your memories coming true!

This one’s very touchy and at the same time highlights the dark reality of what could happen if you don’t chase your dreams!

  • This Simple quote punches you, right in the face!

This Quote delivers it’s message, in the most simplest way as possible!

This is as simple as it can ever get. If you really want something in life that you’ve never had, You’ll have to be prepared to do stuffs that you’ve never ever done before.

  • Finally, this one’s classic: The pursuit of HappYness,

Classy, yet touchy!
Classy, yet touchy!

Your life belongs to YOU, you’re the final authority in making decisions concerning your life, simply put, only you know yourself the most, inside out, not some random stranger down the street. Don’t let anyone utter a word about what you can and what you cannot! Brilliant 😀

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ART (Android Run Time) is a bag full of bugs, At least on KitKat!

Okay, so, the other day, I switched over from Dalvik to ART on my brand new Motorola G (2nd Generation) because I thought it would be a nice Idea to experiment with bleeding edge features of the Android OS.

So, I hit up Settings > Developer Options > Choose Run Time

Dalvik to ART
Think twice before making the switch!

I chose ART radio button, then a prompt came up saying that the phone needed to restart inorder to switch the runtime, then without thinking twice, I hit “Ok”.

Phone then got switched off and it went into the Normal rebooting procedure, then Motorola’s boot animation appeared, everything seemed normal and was going fine, then another prompt appeared with the messsage “Android is Upgrading”, below it was another line saying, “Optimizing X of Y Apps”. So, I waited and waited, one by one, slowly and painstakingly, the App number moved up, one at a time.

Then, to my UTTER DISBELIEF, The wallpaper got changed to the default one, my Google Play music widget crashed, my display was a mess and when I tried unlocking my phone by entering my passcode, it went into auto relock after a couple of seconds with the message, “ has stopped working”. I tried as fast I could to get into the settings menu to change the runtime to Dalvik, but, It would simply not allow me to! -_-

Android is upgrading prompt
This was that bloody bootloop

Fucked up, then, I restarted my phone, only to get stuck in a frustrating bootloop of “Optimizing Apps”. This time around, the number of Apps to be “Optimized” had come down to about eighty or so apps. Nevertheless, the “Optimization” happened so slowly that I almost slept off on my table, then with only 5 more apps to go, I got pumped with dopamine, then, to my utter fucking shock, the indicator stopped going any further. It got stuck at 77 Apps. I couldn’t even restart it, so, I hard booted it by long pressing the power button. Then, I attempted to start it up again, again the same result.

Frustrated, I went back to my most reliable friend in the all of the world, Google! I googled about the problem and I came to know that I’m not the only one facing this. I read about 10 threads across various forums and almost all of them suggested a factory reset, which I thought would be a disaster.

Then, As I intensified my Google search, I came cross a thread which redirected me to an XDA developers page:

That thread, that fucking thread brought back some hope. After reading about the Arome ZIP tool carefully, I sideloaded up the “Enable” onto my Memory card (Yeah, this SD card was critical). Then, I went into the Advanced boot on my Moto G and selected recovery and loaded up the Zip file! And….TA DAA  🙂  ||Dalviks’ back|| 😀

This wonder tool enabled Dalvik as the default runtime and my phone sprung back into life, Phew! :/

So, this is for all those who’re thinking of enabling ART as their default runtime on their KitKat Device, Proceed at your own risk, If you want to, please at least don’t enable it on your primary device. I was lucky, because my Moto G had a memory card slot which enabled me to sideload the SD card with the recovery ZIP, If you’re phone ain’t got no SD card slot, then you’re fucked! :/

So, Don’t try ART before Lollipop 5.0, proceed at your own risk!