The briefing.

So, here I am posting again, after 2 long months.

Feels good to be back at the WordPress editor window.

If you’re reading this now (and if you’re not new), you may have noticed a slight blog redesign. T’was carried out this week in order to improve the stuff I care about THE most. Readability and Textual content. 

Just made a few tweaks here and there. Plus, updated the blog with a fresh typeface, that lucky font being Ubuntu’s default system one. It’s actually quite neat and easy on the eyes.

K, enough about the blog. Time for my narcissistic self to take charge.


I was finally done with my finals last week and early finals means just one thing: I got a shit-load of time.

See that’s both a good thing and a bad thing.

Good thing is, I got loads of free time to do anything I want.

Bad thing is, I got loads of free time to do anything I want.

Let me elaborate on the “Bad thing”. The Instant Gratification Monkey part of my brain has massive issues with managing the flow of time. My time is just one vortex away from being funnelled out from me. So it’s rather important that I have a super-strict schedule to guide me through this. Unplanned block of time, for me at least, would be a…

Things I’ll be focusing on…

I’m almost done crafting a semi-big article on one of my most personal topics, The Social Media. Will probably publish it this weekend-ish.

I also have come up with a few new, exciting ones. Most of them stem from random synaptic bursts. Also, some historically significant ones.

I plan to write these articles after talking to *actual* people who have gone through the experience. Really, I have personally observed this.

Researching on the Internet and quoting the appropriate sources is one thing, but field blogging is just taking it to another level. Really excited about that.

Also, there will be a guest post written by someone soon. It will either be a standalone guest-post or will have my commentary packaged along with that of the guest author. I’m sure you will love it.

Final thoughts

Though I might not have been regular, I certainly think I have a strong love for writing. Topic fragmentation is certainly an issue, as some of my own friends have mentioned sometimes, but niche is just not my thing.

Also, it’s incredibly enriching to be able to connect the dots through your vast data store of knowledge. The world just makes so much more sense.


Stay tuned…


Oh, and if you’re wondering, the feature image is not mine. It’s actually from a royalty free photo project called Unsplash!. Those guys actually have a trove of high-quality, royalty free images with which you can do anything imaginable. It’s opensource and under CC Zero license, which means you basically own the image. You don’t even have to credit the creator. Great resource for small time blogs/websites. Check it out! :)


Sheky Rambles v2.0.

I started this blog just under a year ago. And, for that time period, blog’s design served you readers well.

However, when I reviewed the design and element placements, I realized it was not cohesive and was a little off of what many people expect from a blog. I realized that it’s super important to put content before the author, the stuff before the creator.

Thus, keeping these issues in view, I redesigned my blog groundup. This operation took a little over 3 hours.

  • I installed a brand new theme “Franklin” which gives a fresh and crisp new look to the blog.
  • I redesigned the primary navigation menu which now has Article Categorization for easy access to topics.
  • I recategorized every article into the lowest common denominator of topic. For example, the article on 9/11 comes under “Events” and “Politics” instead of many dozens of categories. Tags serve that purpose well.
  • The biggest change can be seen in the sidebar. Added a new follow button which makes it extremely easy for new readers to subscribe and be in the loop via email. Archives comes below that, for easy access to article history — this in addition to the Topic wise segregation on the primary menu bar. Below that, I’ve included the latest posts widget, so that it makes it easier to access the recent article history.
  • I’ve also included a search bar at the bottom of the page to help in keyword hunting.
  • Updated the blog with header and footer menus. Just to extend the usability. Also included shortcuts to my social media profile(s), for those interested in following me. Also included a copyright logo (which was missing before).

Apart from all these, I’ve also decided to use less ‘f-words’ and focus more on the content instead of using those words to add cheap meaning to the context. Yes, quality refinements are assured.

Also, I’ve updated the tagline: “Curiosity inducing posts!”.

I will try every bit to live up to that line.

Also, I made a number of under the hood changes which will make it more easier for me to move the entire blog to a new, permanent domain in the near future. They are largely invisible to general users.

Finally, I’d like to THANK every one of you, people I know and also random strangers across the internet who’ve connected with me and have encouraged me to keep writing.

I also assure you that I will stick to my posting frequency, which currently is about once in every ~15 days, fortnightly.

Expect The Martian review soon.